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First page ranking on Google requires at least 100 blog Posts ideally search engine optimized!

If you’re counting on social media for traffic to your website you’ll be greatly disappointed. Since social media started we’ve had numerous customers fall for their siren song. To this day, with over 135 websites we manage, not a single conversion from social media referrals. The reason? Simple, 95% of social media traffic is from Chinese and Russian bots! Bots don’t buy products and services!

Blogs/Posts are critical to your search engine ranking and getting customer traffic.

To get on Googles first page of rankings you need at least 100 blog pages ideally search engine optimized!

Our most successful customers post numerous blogs daily. You need to post at least one each day to get good rankings and traffic to your site.

Each blog/post you add adds content to your site. Search engines rank sites highest that contain the most content with key phrases that your customers search on.

Our most successful web client, a law firm that makes millions of dollars each year from their websites we designed for them often post more than 30 blogs/posts each day!!!

You need to post at least one blog/post each day! This is very very very important to the success of your site!!!

You post them using the Posts link in your control panel. Detailed instructions are included in the page and on a help link.

What bloggers have yet failed to achieve, is clearly communicate and explain the power these tools offer to the non-technical person. Blogs can cater to niche audiences, and your Custom Blog will be Category specific, and relevant or tailored to your business.

A store owner may be keen on the marketing aspect posting product sales and specials, in addition to posting informative service instructions, press releases and news, warranty information or some other product facts.

Any business will benefit from the improved Search Engine Rankings that can be achieved by adding relevant fresh content to a website. Until recently, it was impossible for the average web site owner, to even dream of regularly and easily updating their web site, and generating content that is never out of date. With your Custom Blog, you are providing your web audience with valuable information and dynamically creating pages in your website. The number of pages you build is limitless. The pages you accrue increase the size of your website, improve your Search Engine rankings, and consequently save you money in web design expenses, since you are the publisher.

seo web design
Blog Posts are Critical to Website Success

Blogs/Posts are a great traffic generator. Since blogs assign each post an individual URL address, each of your posts will have it’s own separate web page. We’ll guide you and teach you techniques to easily optimize whenever you add content. If you take care of making each post very focused on a specific topic and use the keywords that best describe your information in the post title and post body, your pages will stand a very good chance of ranking well with the search engines. Search engines love fresh content, and since blogs tend to be updated regularly, search engines will crawl them often, adding your new posts to their indexes.

Although Search Engines ascertain your ranking by various numerous methods, relevance is assigned by the number of content specific pages, number of links to a site and how often content is added to the site. Typical static web sites sit there unchanged, quickly become outdated, and sink to the bottom of Search Engine Rankings. Blogs stay active, lively and exceptionally useful to your audience – your customers, clients, prospects, the public; while they are also improving your Search Engine Rankings.

Add blog/Post content that informs your audience. Great content that is of great interest to your readers generates inbound linking to your pages which gives you an added boost in Search Engines. While you are intent on connecting with your audience, you should not forget the value of good positioning within the search engine results pages. Balance good information with good keywords for the best effect. You must know which keywords represent your audience, your customers and prospects. Your keywords are what will bring you traffic from the search engines. Keywords are the terms people use in the search engines to find stuff. Research good keywords to use when writing or selecting information for your blog content.

Ideally, if you blog naturally and with your keywords in mind you will do well to both inform your audience and win with good search engine rankings in the search engine results pages.

Blogging software has enabled people with limited knowledge of the Internet, to publish a constantly renewing source of news and insight about their topic of interest online. First and foremost Blogging software does not require the user to have specialized knowledge to be able to publish their information.

Adding a post to the Custom Blog we create for you, is as easy as writing an email. You type or paste the information into a box and click a button. Just like that, it’s up on the Internet and syndicated to your audience.

You can log in and access your blog, with any web browser from anywhere in the world, and change information by clicking and typing on a website form. It’s easy and you don’t have to know anything about programming or HTML. Our blog software will automatically move your most recent post to the top, so you don’t ever have to bother moving web pages. Type or paste and click a button!

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