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Zoom is Deceptive Insecure Garbage, Don’t Use It, Seriously!

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Zoom is Deceptive Insecure Garbage, Don't Use It, Seriously!

In this video I cover reasons not to use zoom (deception, security vulnerabilities, shady practices, false promises)

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A Word to My Fellow Law Enforcement Officers

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United States Constitution

Something to help guide you during this confusing time.

What a stand up man! He didn’t just take the oath. He understands it and stands up for it! This world is a better place with Law Enforcement folks like you! Thank you for your service!

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Content is King!

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seo cms web design

First page ranking on Google requires at least 100 blog Posts ideally search engine optimized!

If you’re counting on social media for traffic to your website you’ll be greatly disappointed. Since social media started we’ve had numerous customers fall for their siren song. To this day, with over 135 websites we manage, not a single conversion from social media referrals. The reason? Simple, 95% of social media traffic is from Chinese and Russian bots! Bots don’t buy products and services!

Blogs/Posts are critical to your search engine ranking and getting customer traffic.

To get on Googles first page of rankings you need at least 100 blog pages ideally search engine optimized!

Our most successful customers post numerous blogs daily...

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Support: Processing SEO Cart Orders

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seo shopping cart

When you receive and email notifying you of a new order login to your SEO Cart admin and open the Orders section from you left column Dashboard menu and mark order complete and send your customer shipment carrier and tracking number.

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Blog Post SEO Optimization

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secure web design

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